Announcing the Finalists of Kamloops’ Cutest Kid (& Bump) Contest!

Let me just say that selecting the finalists was not any easy task.  As a photographer it is my job to see the beauty and cuteness and  specialness in each of my subjects.  So how am I supposed to choose the cutest?  I feel that somehow choosing one over another suggests that those who didn’t make the finalist round somehow are less than cute.  And that is just not true.

My criteria didn’t go much beyond what I had indicated in the promo video for the event: I’m looking for personality (spunk), engagement and comfort in front of the camera.  All from a quick snapshot that doesn’t allow time for any of that to be drawn out, time that I have at a full sitting to work with an individual and child to help them feel comfortable and engaged, to get the best results.  So I may have enlisted some outside help to narrow down the entries and even though Ryan said three in each category, I picked four in the 0-24 month category.  Even so, I want to sneak more into all the categories!!!

That said, I’m glad I don’t have to select the winners!  That tough task is up to Jen & Ryan – the masterminds behind the Pregnant, Fabulous & Beyond Family Fair.  They plan to announce the winners by the end of the week, so be sure to check out their Facebook page or website for the announcement.

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who stopped by my booth and entered the contest!  All the mamas are beautiful – each one of you!  And your children are precious – every one!

Without further adieu our finalists:

Cutest Baby (0-24 months):





Cutest Kid (2-5 years)



Olivia_WM (1)

Cutest Bump:




Kamloops Cutest Kid Contest

This Sunday, May 24 marks the first annual Pregnant, Fabulous & Beyond Family Fun Fair at Hotel 540.  The event has run for several years in Kelowna and is produced by the fabulous crew who publish and will feature the best Kamloops has to offer our families!

I will be there running the Kamloops’ Cutest Kid Photo Contest, so be sure to pop by and enter for a chance to win a portrait session.  A few weeks ago, I was interviewed in preparation for the event – a bit daunting as I’m not used to being behind the camera, never mind on video.  Here’s a bit more about me and my business and what we’re looking for in Kamloops’ Cutest Kid 2015:

A Room of One’s Own – Last Update before the “Reveal”

We’re down to the details now – a few small things to finish before I can move into my space.  Floor is done, lighting is done, heating was just installed this week.  We had in floor heating installed years ago when this space was first built and now the hot water tank is in and the room is nice and toasty.

As a side story – I love to paint.  When I named my business, I had the idea that maybe in addition to photography I would sell some of my paintings – hence, the “arts” in my name.  I haven’t been pleased enough with my paintings to want to put them out there for sale, but the project I’m working on in the final image is one that will hang in my house.

Anyways, I have big plans for this room – the least of which is painting – and I can’t wait to begin the projects and share a final reveal of this room when it’s all done!







Valentine’s Beauty

Since I work primarily outdoors, winter is generally a slow season for me.  So when J approached me to photograph her as a special valentines gift for the man in her life, I was thrilled.  She wanted the unique setting of the snowy outdoors as her backdrop and wanted to brave the cold to do so.  Thankfully we had a break in the cold snap and temperatures were sitting just below 0 °C, making for a lot of fun tramping through the snow.





Hair & Make-up: Ardeo Spa & Salon


A Room of One’s Own | Kamloops Photographer

After teasing us this last few weeks, I think spring has finally arrived with the warm south wind that’s been blowing through the city.  Along with this season of renewal and new life, exciting changes are taking place in an area of my home that was primarily a storage space.  I don’t want to spill the beans yet on all we have planned for this space but I will say, that the creative juices are flowing and anticipation is high.

Here are a couple snapshots of my men hard at work:

DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004

Why I do what I do | Kamloops Family Photographer

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I’ve chosen to specialize in portraits and am particularly drawn to family portraiture.  I love photography and the combination of art and craft that it requires, but of all the genres to focus on and master,  why portraits?  And why family rather than corporate?  Why not landscape or wildlife or travel or architecture?

Interestingly, as I began to think of why, the answer didn’t immediately come to mind.  I had to dig a little and consider what it is I value in life most – and then the a-ha moment came.  We surround ourselves with and spend time and money on what we value most.  When I look around my home and what I have devoted the last 15 years of my life to, it all comes back to my marriage and family.  When I think of the legacy I want to leave behind, it all comes down to wanting to be surrounded by my children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren at my death bed.  Any other dreams or goals I have will be worthless if at the end I’ve lost these precious people, becoming nothing to them.

I don’t for a moment take for granted what I have.  This family of mine, my four children and husband, are my second chance to have a family.  My first family, the family I began with is shattered and splintered beyond repair.  We will never gather together under one roof.  Portions were missing at my wedding.  My children wouldn’t recognize certain members if we were to bump into them on the street.  The story is long, confusing and astonishing but it’s a combination of divorce, mental illness, and alcohol that destroyed of my first family.  Only ghostly memories remain of what my mother, father, sister, brother and I used to be together.

I know what was lost and I know deep in my core what I have found.  In my hardest moments of marriage and parenting it is looking at the images I surround myself with that remind me that to fight and sacrifice and give my all is worth every tear shed.  Family is fragile and precious, never to be taken for granted.

This is why I do what I do.  Because it is family relationships that matter most to me and it’s why I want to capture these relationships in beautiful images that will be cherished for generations.  Everyone is there, and special moments are documented: weddings, births, extended family gatherings, ages and stages.  They tells us that once upon a time, we were here.  We existed and we loved, we are growing and becoming something amazing.   Amidst the filled calendar and days that rapidly fly by, a  picture hung on the wall or an album resting on the coffee table remind of what we value most.

Portfolio Interiors Reveal | Kamloops Portrait Photographer

If you have never visited Portfolio Interiors in Kamloops you are in for a treat when you do!  My first visit was last December, after being dragged from store to store by my husband in search of the perfect chair.  Upon entering the first thing we were offered was a cup of coffee and were then free to look around.  He found the ideal “Dad’s” chair and couldn’t be more pleased with it.

Each time I’ve been in the store I have been impressed by the abundance of beautiful items – many of them from local sources.  As both my husband and I are small business owners, I believe strongly in supporting local retailers and Portfolio Interiors has gone the extra mile by supporting many local furniture makers and artists.  Of course what makes the store so special is the fabulous staff, many of whom are interior designers ready and eager to help you make the most of your shopping experience.

It was a lot of fun getting to know each one during their photo shoot two weeks ago and each are just as gorgeous as the home decor and furniture they have in store.  (Hair & Make-up by Beauty Code Boutique.)


Portfolio Interiors:AA&P